A divorce attorney in Lansing, MI is familiar with handling divorce cases of all severity levels. They are also familiar with handling all different types of divorce cases. Below are some of the cases that they may be experienced in handling.

Your Lansing divorce attorney is capable of handling cases where the parties actually are able to get along and can come to agreements on their own or with little aid. These cases are known as being uncontested. Now, if a couple cannot agree on anything, this would be called a contested divorce. These are perhaps the most common case types. Other types of divorce cases include legal separation, same sex dissolution, annulments, and military divorces. Your attorney will more than likely be capable of handling all of these cases.

Not only can they handle many different divorce cases, they can handle many issues that may arise in a divorce. They are capable of handling child visitation, child support, alimony, shared parenting rights, dividing the property, and issues with domestic abuse.

If you are on the brink of divorce and have yet to hire an attorney; call a divorce attorney in Lansing, MI for a consultation right away.