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buy discount SeroquelPeople come to me when they have problems. My job is to help people solve their problems, and I have been doing that for over 43 years (since 1975).

I began practicing law in 1975 when I became an assistant prosecutor for Ingham County. While there, I was the Chief Attorney for the Priority Prosecution Unit. I prosecuted habitual criminals, murders, rape, robbery, major drug cases, major white collar crime cases, and drunk driving cases. I supervised the training of both new and experienced assistant prosecutors.

After 12 years, I went into private practice representing client issues including divorce, domestic partnership, criminal defense, and commercial litigation. I am litigator and a mediator. As a litigator, I am an advocate for my client, and I am very good doing that. I will do whatever is necessary to advocate for my client’s position so long as it is legal and ethical.

Dealing with lawyers can be expensive. I always help my clients do a cost vs benefit /risk analysis before incurring expenses. It does not make sense to spend $1,000 in attorney fees over a $500 item. Trial is sometimes necessary, but often it makes sense to resolve a case by mutual agreement of the parties. I have always believed that the way to get the best resolution for my client is to be prepared to go to trial.

I also act as a mediator. As a mediator, my role is different than as an attorney. As a mediator, I am not an advocate for either party – I am neutral. My goal is to help both parties reach a fair and equitable resolution. I believe that I have done a good job if we settle the case and both parties are equally happy or equally unhappy. Equal is the key. I have been helping people solve their legal problems for over 40 years. I am good at it and I enjoy it.

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