1.  by anonymous for attorney Stuart R. Shafer | Hired Attorney
August 1, 2023

My recommendation pertaining to the excellent skills and abilities of Attorney Stuart R. Shafer begins with me as a public official and falsely accused of a misdemeanor assault. After completion of a criminal investigation that took eleven (11) months including two (2) pre‑trial conferences, a ABrady@ motion hearing to require evidence be produced that had not been provided to Mr. Shafer by the prosecutor or the law enforcement agency and lastly a Judge trial, I was acquitted. Mr. Shafer consistently worked methodically and tirelessly with his Anever give up attitude@ through a myriad of very challenging issues involved with my case. He respectfully exposed a poor law enforcement investigation, an ill‑advised decision by the prosecutor to issue the criminal complaint and the significant lack of credibility exhibited by the witnesses for the prosecution. These efforts and results were ultimately confirmed by the trial Judge and are reflected in the transcript of the trial.


2. by Brett for attorney Stuart R. Shafer | Hired Attorney
October 12, 2021

I needed a Divorce and I called Stu…and He answered the phone! I highly recommend Attorney Stuart R. Shafer P.C. to anyone who needs proven, successful, top shelf legal representation with the first call you make. Stu’s resume and deep background speaks for itself and hopefully this testimonial by a working class American veteran will convey my absolute satisfaction for the outstanding service, respect, integrity, empathy and just plain down home friendliness that I experienced every step of the way.


3. by Robert for attorney Stuart R. Shafer| Hired Attorney
October 6, 29021

Stu did a terrific job representing our son. He walked us through the steps of legal procedures we should expect, telling us about possible outcomes, without promising too much. He insisted that our son take a series of concrete steps to show that he understood what he had done wrong, and that he was committed to doing better in the future. Those steps were important, both for putting our son on a good path, and for persuading the judge that behavior would be better in the future. We believe the latter led to a more lenient sentence


4. by anonymous for attorney Stuart R. Shafer | Hired Attorney
February 19, 2021

Stu was very helpful and supportive through all proceeding and very reasonable with his fees. He was very knowledgeable and professional. His previous experience and work makes him a great choice for legal defense.


5. by anonymous for attorney Stuart R. Shafer | Hired Attorney
January 31, 2021

Mr. Shafer was very easy to work with, responded very quickly when contacted. Did a great explaining all laws and options that were available. Mr. Shafer seemed to have great communication with the courts and had easy moving thru the system. Rates were explained right up front with no surprises. Would recommend Mr. Shafer highly.


6. by anonymous for firm | Hired Firm
February 5, 2018

Mr. Shafer was not only amazing in every aspect of services from communication to sentencing outcome, but he never made me feel like a bad person because of the mistakes I made. He treated me with the upmost respect the entire time, and you can tell he truly cares about the well‑being of his clients. I am overly ecstatic about the results he was able to get me in my case, and he made me feel prepared and comfortable through the entire process. I truly can’t recommend Stuart highly enough.


7. by anonymous for firm | Hired Firm
January 18, 2018

Divorce is an awful thing, but Stu helped me through the entire process. He was very accessible and organized. He explained my options and helped me understand each step.. His calm nature helped me get through something very difficult, and I appreciate it tremendously! Also, his legal assistant, Kelly, was amazing. She is knowledgeable and always knew who I was when I called.


8. by anonymous for attorney Stuart R. Shafer | Hired Attorney
October 7, 2015

Stuart Shafer is a class act and I would recommend him to anyone I care about. He is thoughtful and practical in his counsel. And there is no beating his experience, he had many benchmarks when explaining his strategy for my situations. His default is to reduce or mitigate legal action rather than inflate/inflame situations and creep up his bill. He has been my champion on several occasion and you can tell he cares about his clients. He is one of the good guys,and a highly competent one.