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The Federal District Attorney prosecutes federal crimes, the County Prosecutor prosecutes state crimes, and City and Township Attorneys prosecute local ordinances.  Sentencing in Federal Court is much more severe, and more likely to result in a prison sentence that in state court.  For example, while an embezzlement or drug conviction in state court could result in a sentence of probation, in Federal Court such a conviction is more likely to result in a prison sentence.

Just as you would not go to a general practitioner if you need heart surgery, you should not go to a general practitioner if you are charged with a serious federal or state crime.  You should go to the attorney who is most competent and who has the most experience.

As a result of my 12 years experience as and assistant prosecutor, as the former Chief Attorney for the Priority Prosecution Unit of the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, and as a defense attorney in private practice for over 24 years, I have invaluable experience in prosecuting and defending the most serious cases.

If you are charged, or believe you may be charged with a serious federal or state crime, it is essential that you retain a competent and experienced attorney with a history of success.

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