Embezzlement is a crime that is often complicated to both prosecute and to defend.  Defending embezzlement charges often requires knowledge of and experience with complex financial transactions and procedures, and a thorough investigation.  A good defense attorney may be able to resolve an embezzlement case even before charges are issued, and, if successful, a conviction may be avoided.

Many embezzlement cases have the potential of becoming high profile resulting in a great deal of unwanted publicity.  If the case can be resolved early, then public exposure and humiliation may be avoided.  It is important to retain a lawyer who is experienced in high profile cases, and knows how to reduce the amount or at least control the type of publicity.

As a result of my 12 years experience as and assistant prosecutor, as the former Chief Attorney for the Priority Prosecution Unit of the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, and as a defense attorney in private practice for over 33 years, I have invaluable experience in prosecuting and defending high profile embezzlement and other white collar crime cases.

If you are charged, or believe you may be charged with embezzlement, it is essential that you retain a competent and experienced attorney with a history of success.

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        People come to me when they have problems. My job is to help people solve their problems, and I have been doing that for over 45 years (since 1975). I began practicing law in 1975 when I became an assistant prosecutor for Ingham County. While there, I was the Chief Attorney for the Priority Prosecution Unit.

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