Melissa Gilbert, most well-known for her role as Laura Ingalls in the family show “Little House on the Prairie,” has filed for a divorce from Bruce Boxleitner.

Gilbert, 47, and Boxleitner, 61, separated five months ago. She filed formal divorce papers on Monday citing the all too common “irreconcilable differences.” The documents listed January as the month they separated, which was also the month of their 16th wedding anniversary.

The couple has faded from public eye but they both continued to work. Melissa has starred in over 70 TV films since “Little House” house went off the air. Boxleitner had roles in “Babylon 5” and was in “Tron: Legacy” that was released last year.

In a statement she said, “We loved each other for a very long time.” She is seeking spousal support and joint custody of their 15 year old son. Gilbert has one son and Boxleitner has two sons from previous marriages. A divorce attorney will make certain that their clients get the support they deserve. The decision to divorce especially after many years is not an easy decision to make.

There are issues that have to be resolved such as how to divide assets and share custody. A divorce lawyer can be the voice of reason when people have to deal with these emotionally charge issues.

Divorce attorneys can negotiate with both parties and the courts to make this life-altering transition less complicated for the individuals they represent.