What happens if I don’t submit to a chemical test after being pulled over for DUI?

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Being pulled over by a police officer is an unsettling and scary experience. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do or how to handle a particular situation as we aren’t familiar with what are rights are.  One question many individuals often ask is whether they are required to submit to a chemical test after being [...]

What Circumstances Affect How I Will be Charged with DUI in Michigan?

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There are many things that affect how a drunk driver is charged in the state of Michigan. Every DUI case varies because of this very reason. To help you better understand what might affect how you are charged, we are going to break down a few different infractions of the law and how each might [...]

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help Me Overcome the Common Divorce Obstacles?

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Divorces arise unexpectedly sometimes leaving us feeling helpless, alone, and frustrated. There are obstacles that may present themselves and things you may not be sure how to handle. If children are involved, it only makes the matter more difficult. So, what can you do? How can you ease this process of separation after being married [...]

Family-Lawyer News: 3 Must-Know Financial Tips for Your Divorce

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a divorce happens once every 36 seconds in the United States, which averages out to approximately 2,400 per day. Unfortunately, thousands of separating couples make easily avoidable financial mistakes that affect them for years to come. […]

Family-Lawyer Tips: 3 Signs of Divorce

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The divorces in movies and on television often give us a skewed perception of how a marriage really comes to an end. In popular culture, divorces come after a single unforgivable transgression. In many cases, this involves adultery, or some other grand deceit. […]

3 Ways To Help Your Child Through Your Divorce

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Even in the best situations, divorce is painful and difficult, but it can still end up strengthening ties between children and parents. In the worst situations, divorce tears families apart and damages the children’s relationships with both parents. With stakes this high, it’s important to approach the experience mindfully, with your children’s best interests at [...]