During your divorce, all of your focus is likely to be on the process of divorcing. The stakes are high, emotionally and materially, meaning your thoughts and your days will likely be spent on obsessing about the proceedings. Many popular divorce gurus preach that you must plan for your future to get your mind off of your present dilemma in the vein of the old adage, “look forward, not back.”


However, while divorcing, people find it hard to plan for their future when their living situation, family life and finances are in jeopardy. It’s easy to feel that you are in limbo.

The Huffington Post advises that creating a post-divorce bucket list is a great way to keep yourself focused on the future without worrying about how the proceedings will affect your everyday life. Below, you’ll find three quick tips to help you build the perfect bucket list.

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1. Keep It Personal

There is no reason not to share your bucket list with friends and family, but make sure all of the items included come directly from you. Your first instinct may be to list everything that your ex-spouse wouldn’t let you do, wasn’t interested in or was less than supportive of, and it’s okay to do that for a few bucket list items, but try to keep your list about who you want to be moving forward.

2. Keep The First Items Simple And Divorce-Free

It helps to put a set number of items on your list. Choose something high but not unreachable, like 30 or 50 items. Then, set aside the first third of the list for items that are easily achievable. Even better, include some items that you can handle this week, like read a novel that’s been on your to-read list for years, write a letter to a friend you’ve lost contact with, or visit a landmark in your city that holds sentimental value to you (not associated with your divorce).

3. Decide On Some Big Goals

Give yourself something to work toward and look forward to by adding some items that will take planning and won’t happen for at least a few years. Big goal items include travelling to a foreign country, attending a large festival or overcoming fears (think sky diving).

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