When you have a criminal conviction on your record, it can make getting a job extremely difficult to do. Some employers will see the arrest and won’t even consider you as a potential employee because of it while others will have you go through an extensive application process only to turn to you down at the end because your conviction is something they aren’t willing to overlook. There is no doubt that having a criminal record can make providing for you and your family nearly impossible if you aren’t able to obtain work or can only find jobs here and there that pay close to nothing.

So, how long will this difficult period last? How long will your charge remain on your record and when can you begin reporting to potential employers that your criminal record is “clean?” If these are some of the questions you have been asking yourself, then read on as we are addressing them below.

  1. How long will this difficult period last and how long will the charge remain on your record? According to the State Bar of Michigan, your conviction(s) will remain on your forever. The source says that “criminal convictions do not automatically drop off your record over time.” But don’t get down just yet as there may still be some hope for you.
  2. When can I begin telling potential employers that my criminal record is clean? There are certain crimes that although will stay on your record, can be removed from an employer’s view given you take the necessary steps to get it expunged. The State Bar of Michigan says that you can get have criminal offenses “removed” from your record “if you have only been convicted of only one offense and not more than two minor offenses.” A minor offense would be one that carries “a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail or a fine of $1,000” that occurred when you were younger than 21 years of age. When you are successful at getting your criminal record expunged, you no longer have to worry about an employer seeing your conviction on your background check nor do you have to report to them that you have a criminal record.

Something you need to keep in mind that is even when you are able to get your criminal record expunged, certain employers such as those in the law enforcement field, education, and others working for city, state, or government agencies will still be able to see your record and you will be required to provide the necessary information they are seeking regarding the offense when you apply.

Now, if you would like to find out if your criminal convictions can be expunged so that you are able to find and retain a job without having to worry about an employer turning you down because of your past mistakes, contact Lansing, MI criminal defense attorney Stuart R. Shafer. Attorney Stuart R. Shafer can review your record, determine if you qualify to have your convictions expunged, and help you take the necessary steps to get this accomplished. To get in contact with our office to learn more about getting a criminal record expunged or the other options that may be available to you, contact us today at 517-487-6603.


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