Divorces are never easy. As either the man or woman in the divorce, you are bound to lose certain assets that you had grown accustomed to having. In a study performed by the University of Michigan, it showed that about 115,000 American women lose their health coverage a year.

Health coverage is a necessity that many need and should have. However, as the study went on to show, about half of the 115,000 American women that lose health insurance a year won’t go get alternative coverage. The average percentile of divorced women that lose their coverage in a year adds up to be about 15% to 20%.

One of the main reasons that divorced women aren’t getting health coverage again after they lose it is due to the fact that they have typically lost a great deal of the income they once had. The study shows that those who came from middle class families are the ones who tend to suffer the most financially and are less likely to gain health coverage again.

Are you afraid to lose certain assets in your divorce? Would you like to try and have the assets divided a certain way? Contact your Lansing, MI divorce attorney for a consultation. They will do whatever they can to guide you through your divorce process.