A military divorce has the tendency to be much more difficult than a regular divorce. There are certain requirements that will need to be met and without one of the parties being present, all of the matters involved with divorce will need to be addressed differently. However, when you hire a Lansing, MI divorce attorney, they will be able to handle your military divorce appropriately.

One of the requirements of being able to get a divorce in Michigan even with one party away for military service is that they intend on coming back to live in Michigan. Of course there isn’t a real way of knowing this, but if the party owns property in Michigan or has a Michigan license, these will help to prove their intentions of residency. A Lansing, MI divorce attorney will be able to help with any residency issues that may hinder the divorce from being filed.

As with any divorce there will need to be specific matters that need to be determined such as child custody and who will own certain possessions. Your Lansing, MI divorce attorney will also be able to go ahead with resolving these matters. They will just be handled in a different manner than if your divorce case were a non-military divorce.