Shared parenting is often the chosen parenting agreement by the courts when both parties seem fit for the children. This is the typical go-to plan seeing as the children have the right and need to remain close to both parents. However, if you feel like a shared parenting agreement is the wrong way to go with your divorce case, let your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer know and they will try to come up with other solutions.

Trying to dispute the shared parenting agreement can be rather difficult. The courts will want proof that the other parent is not fit or capable of parenting the children. This may be because they have a history of being abusive, mentally instable, or show signs of anything else that the courts may find not conducive for raising children. If you have reasoning for disputing the shared parenting plan, you will need to collaborate with your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer to show the courts why.

When this plan is disputed, the courts or even the lawyers will suggest getting other professionals involved to help decide what is best for the children. These professionals may be psychologists, counselors, and guardian ad litems. They will spend several weeks examining each home and the people in it. They will want to see how the parents interact with the children and also talk with family and teachers. They will even speak with the children to see how the children are handling the divorce.

After everything has been observed and the professionals have written up their statements with their suggestions, the courts will make their decisions. Your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer will be able to guide you through this process while providing you with legal advice and direction.