Bill and Karyn Frist had a lot of possessions to be divided amongst them in their divorce. Their agreement included a total of 30 pages after the divorce was finalized.

The divorce was finalized nearly two weeks ago in Tennessee on December 5, 2012. The couple was married for 31 years and had a lot of possessions to be divided among them.

Bill and Karyn shared many assets. It took 30 pages and quite some time for their divorce to be settled due to the assets that needed to be equally divided. The way the division of the possessions had been done, is rather odd.

The divorced couple shared an $8 million home in which their son is supposed to inherit. However, Karyn has the rights to live there meanwhile. Bill has the rights to live there should Karyn decide not to. Karyn was also given a majority of the furniture in the mansion and Bill was given items such as hunting gear and books, a buffalo head, and his old senate desk, among other things. He has about 2 months to get the items out.

There were also 3 cars to be divvied up. Karyn gets the Audi and the Chevy Tahoe, while Bill gets a Nissan Charger. Bill had gotten the rights to the vacation home, but Karyn is allowed to stay there if she tells Bill 4 months in advance. She also gets certain items out of the vacation home in Fort Lauderdale such as pressed flowers, paintings and a bathroom door.

Club memberships were also among the divided and Karyn is set to get a lump sum of over $2 million. Karyn will not be entitled to any alimony.

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If you and your estranged spouse can be amicable about the divorce, you may be able to have a mediator and your attorney help you come up with an agreement. When there are a lot of things to be divided, this can be a long process. However, it can be even longer if you and your estranged spouse cannot agree on the division of the possessions. Regardless, your attorney will be there to help you through the divorce process and do their best to get you the items you seek, as well as spousal support, child support, child custody, and to help you deal with any other concerns that you may have.

Divorce is never an easy process. It takes time to make sure that everything is divided equally and that every concern is addressed. It is crucial to have a divorce attorney when there is a lot at stake in your divorce.