As if divorce isn’t difficult and time consuming enough, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been in the process of divorce for over a year now. Kris just can’t seem to let go. His family has now stepped in to urge him to grant Kim her divorce.


According to Kris’s family, they are upset that he has the need to carry on the divorce for so long. They find it vengeful and unnecessary. Kris however, sees it differently.  His younger sister claims that Kris is damaging her career with his pointless tactics to anger Kim. His family is upset with all the negative attention they have to endure because of the stubbornness he is showing. Kris even turned down a $10 million settlement from Kim because he is certain that their marriage was a hoax.

Kim and Kris were married for no more than 72 days. The tension between the couple was seen all over the media and even Kim’s reality show with her family. Currently, Kim is dating rapper and hip hop artists Kanye West and is even expecting her first child. She has plans to marry Kanye, but with Kris’s resistance to grant her a divorce, this is making Kim’s need to move on nearly impossible.

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