When a couple is in the beginning steps of the divorce process, mediation will be one of the steps they may have to go through. There will be a third party involved to help you and your spouse through the mediation process. If a third person isn’t an option, the divorce lawyers may act as the mediators. This is one of the many things that a Lansing, MI divorce lawyer will be there to guide you through.

During mediation, both parties and their lawyers gather to begin talking about all of the issues that may need to be resolved with the divorce. Some of these issues may include children, property and investments. The goal of mediation is for the parties to come to agreement so that trial can be avoided. However, mediation may run its course over several sessions. It isn’t an easy process, but with the guidance of your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer, it will go much smoother.

When the parties can come to an agreement on certain matters, the lawyers will have them typed up and signed by both parties and the lawyers. Then, your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer will make sure that the judge signs the paperwork as well to show that they approve of the agreements the parties have come to.