Just one day after his lawyer told Good Morning America that divorce wasn’t in the cards; Tareq Salahi has had a change of heart and decided he will divorce Michaele. Earlier this week, Tareq reported that his wife had been abducted because she didn’t take any of her belongings. After an investigation was launched by police and the FBI, it was discovered that Michaele had run off with Neal Schon, the bassist of 80s rock band ‘Journey’.

TMZ reported that Michaele and Neal have dated on and off for years, while she was still married to Tareq. A divorce attorney should have no trouble proving infidelity in court since there has been so much publicity surrounding her affair.

Tareq told friends that he will never trust her again and will never take her back even if she does come crawling back. Not only has he filed the divorce papers, but he also changed the locks on their home and winery. Sources close to Michaele, told TMZ that she and Schon have been having a sexual relationship since 2009, and they are actually living together. Michaele will need to find herself a really good divorce attorney if she hopes for satisfactory judgment in court.

Infidelity and financial problems are the primary causes of divorce. The spouse who has been cheated on can get a favorable settlement if they chose an accomplished divorce lawyer.