Divorce isn’t usually ever a simple and quick process. It takes time to configure all of the details and have them accepted and agreed upon by the courts. This is where a licensed Michigan divorce lawyer can have temporary custody papers drawn up when it comes to caring for your children, until the divorce case is final.

To help avoid any confusion or put any extra stress on the children, the attorney’s will collaborate on writing up temporary custody papers. These papers usually follow legal guidelines set up for anyone who come across the issue of child custody issues and divorce. In circumstances where the fixed guidelines are not efficient, the children will more than likely stay put with the parent who can provide them with the most normalcies. The other parent will typically get the children on some weekends and occasional weekday nights.

These temporary papers are set up by your licensed Michigan divorce lawyer because it is in the child’s best interest to be cared for in a repetitive and stable manner throughout the divorce process. Your Lansing, MI divorce lawyer will be sure that such papers are thorough in regards to the scheduling and children’s best interests.