Legendary Kenny G. ends his 20 year marriage to Balynda Helen Benson-Gorelick. The pair has been separated since January of this year.

Kenny and Balynda separated earlier this year in an attempt to salvage their marriage and settle any disagreements they had. They then came up with a prenuptial agreement and Balynda tried to seek custody of their son.

Now, Kenny has filed for divorce and seeks shared custody of their 14 year old son, Noah, and he does not want to have to pay out spousal support to Balynda.  Kenny filed for divorce under “irreconcilable differences.” There is no further insight into the divorce.

The end of their 20 year marriage isn’t uncommon for those in long term marriages anymore. More and more, long term marriages have been ending in the past few years and divorce attorneys are experienced in handling these types of divorce cases.

When you are in an arduously long on-going divorce proceeding, it can become difficult when trying to agree on certain possessions and finances. A couple in a marriage for that long is typically accustomed to living a certain lifestyle and in sharing certain property. This is where a Lansing, MI divorce attorney can come to your aid.