Headlines have been seen everywhere in regards to the domestic battery charge that Chad Johnson was just arrested for. Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife of 41 days, Evelyn Lozado in the middle of a heated argument about a condom receipt she had found. Lozado has now filed for divorce.

Johnson was released from the Miami Dolphins after he was charged for domestic battery and now, his wife has filed for divorce. Johnson just can’t seem to keep his life in order.

Lozado married Johnson 41 days before she filed for divorce. Johnson was recently picked up by the Miami Dolphins and Lozado was on the reality TV series, “Basketball Wives.”  The pair had plans to release a spin-off of her reality show, but after the arrest and divorce, VH1 has cancelled it.

Johnson’s actions have cost him his marriage and his career. Domestic violence charges can do that to anyone who is charged. A marriage is supposed to be a blissful time in a person’s life and being attacked, hit, or abused in any form by your loved one is not okay.

If you ever want a divorce due to a history of domestic violence, call a Lansing, MI divorce attorney for legal guidance.