Kris Humphries has decided to request that Kim Kardashian’s mother and her current boyfriend Kanye West, be interviewed prior to the final divorce trial.

The request made by Kris is allowing for the trial to be postponed even longer and now the judge is saying that the divorce won’t be finalized until sometime next year. Kim’s attorney is not happy about the new request and says that Kris will need to pay for the extra costs that it will cause her company.

Kris is trying hard to prove that his marriage was a fraud and just set up by the Kardashian family for publicity. This accusation has not been found true, but Kris, along with his previously contacted and contracted divorce attorney, are doing everything they can to drag out the divorce; ultimately to prove the marriage was a hoax.

The marriage between Kris and Kim lasted for 72 days. Their divorce is taking much longer. Kris is seeking to prove his point before allowing the divorce to be finalized.

A divorce can be very complicated if one of the parties decides to play games or carry on the case for various reasons. That is why it is always best to be prepared and hire a Lansing, MI divorce attorney for your case.