Anymore, prenuptials are a term that is thrown around both men and women. A prenuptial is an agreement made before a couple decides to get married. It will state how much the other person is allowed to get after a divorce, should there ever be one. A divorce lawyer in Lansing, MI can explain prenuptials to you.

If you are having complications with a prenuptial agreement after a divorce has been filed for, hiring divorce lawyer in Lansing, MI may prove to be beneficial. There are several ways in which a divorce lawyer may be able to go about disputing the prenuptial agreement that was signed before marriage. Two of the factors that may help your attorney dispute the agreement include:

• The wages and lifestyle of the parties
• The employment statuses

There are many other ways as well, but the above two happen to be the most used in court. Signing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to mean that you are stuck with whatever is in that binding contract. Although, it makes things much more complicated, if there is a way around them, a divorce lawyer in Lansing, MI will know how to do so.