When Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine, left his wife in 1995 for his gay lover many speculated that the split would endanger his media empire. Now, sixteen years later the news of a divorce is giving rise to similar conjecture.

According to the New York Post, Jane Wenner filed divorce papers on June 20th. Jane, who obtained funds from her father to help start Rolling Stone in the 60s, has remained an active partner in the media empire. Close to $700 million is at stake.

A source told the Post when informed of the divorce said, “It can only mean they are selling. In the past it was always too complicated.”

Other sources have speculated that the New York law permitting gay marriages may be the impetus. Jann and his lover are now able to tie the knot.

Jane has retained a divorce attorney to handle her case, but thus far Jann has not. Neither of the Wenners was available for comment.

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