Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s divorce just gets more complicated as the process ensues. Frankel filed for divorce back in the beginning of January and has since been moving quickly forward to try and get the process over with. However, Hoppy may be making it more difficult.

Frankel recently demanded that she get primary custody of the estranged couple’s two year old daughter, Bryn. She also asked for the home in which they lived and more recently purchased, as well as a specially designed benefit package that includes medical and dental for Bryn.

Hoppy had recently styled a very similar divorce agreement. He too, is asking for primary custody of Bryn and the house. He even requested dental and medical insurance and a life insurance policy on his estranged wife that would help out him and Bryn.

Considering the estranged couple is now asking for the same things, the divorce may go for quite some time. It doesn’t seem as though they will be able to agree on custody, possessions, or a benefit package. It will take time and the help of their attorney’s to sort out their divorce agreement.

When an estranged couple cannot agree during the divorce process, mediation is almost always necessary. During mediation, the parties and their attorneys are present, as well as the mediator. The mediation is to try and get the parties to agree on divorce topics such as child custody, benefits, finances, and possessions. However, this isn’t always effective and then the divorce must be drawn out into a series of hearings, in which the matters will be resolved.

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Divorce is never easy, especially when there are a lot of marital issues that need to be addressed or children involved. It takes time to get everything sorted out in a manner in which the courts and the estranged couple can be satisfied with. Child custody is especially difficult and many professionals may get involved in order to assure that the right choices are made in regards to the children’s living arrangements and so forth. When it comes to Bryn, Hoppy and Frankel both want primary custody. The courts will have to help decide what is best for the minor child.

Call and set up your appointment with a divorce attorney right away. They will immediately begin constructing your case. They will be there to lend you the best legal advice and to represent you in any divorce matter that may arise throughout the process. You will find that having an attorney will make the process a little less stressful.