Michigan State Family Law once stated that if a woman was married, her husband would automatically be assumed as the father of her children. This hindered Dan Quinn from seeing his biological daughter for over 4 years.

After hearing Quinn’s story, Governor Rick Snyder had decided to have the law changed. Fathers who are proven to be the biological parent of a child can now fight for custody of their children in court. Presently, Quinn is still fighting for custody of his daughter, but with the new law he stands a chance.

As a father, it can be very difficult if you don’t get the custody agreement or visitation rights that you seek. It is important that you hire an experienced and reputable Lansing, MI divorce attorney for representation in a case like this. They can really benefit your case and they will do whatever they can to help you get visitation rights or custody of your children.

Now more than ever, fathers have a good chance of gaining custody and rights to their children. This now stands true even if the mother is married to another man. Consult with a Lansing, MI divorce attorney for more information on the law changes.