The July announcement that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez planned on splitting took their fans and the entertainment industry by surprise. Jennifer filed for divorce on July 15 and the rumors began flying around about the reasons why. The couple has 3 year old twins.

After seven years of marriage they decided to call it quits, but that there was nothing sensationalistic about the split, however rumors began circulating that Anthony had affairs with airplane stewardesses. There was also some rumor of an affair with Jada Pinkett-Smith, who co-stars with Anthony in the medical drama “Hawthorne.”

Lopez has been married twice before and was involved with Ben Affleck in one of the most notorious celeb unions. Anthony has been married once before to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, they have two children together.

In a TV interview, Anthony denies having any affairs and said that their marriage just no longer worked. He also stated that the decision was a mutual one and not “sensationalistic.” Never the less, amicable or not, a couple with this much notoriety and assets will need to hire very competent divorce attorneys.

Infidelity may not be the reason for the Anthony-Lopez split but it does account for a large number of divorces. A little over 50 percent of men and women cheat on their spouses. If a divorce attorney can prove it in court they can get their clients more favorable settlements.

Divorces are complicated especially when they involve shared property, businesses and especially children. With all these things to consider hiring an experienced divorce lawyer can make the process a little easier.