Skinnygirl creator, and former reality star and host, Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy are going through a separation.

The estranged couple met in a nightclub back in 2008 and about 11 months later they married on a reality series featuring her marriage, Bethenny Getting Married?. At the time of the show and their marriage, Bethenny was pregnant with the couple’s daughter Bryn. Bethenny was already 7 months pregnant with Bryn when the couple married. The show, Bethenny Getting Married? then carried on into another reality series called Bethenny Ever After where the couple’s struggles in their marriage could be seen.

After nearly 3 years of marriage, the couple has decided to split. Although they are no longer together, they have been spotted around town with their daughter Bryn and have exclaimed that they plan on staying amicable for their daughter’s sake.

Bethenny, the creator of Skinnygirl, an author, host, and reality star is reportedly worth $153,950,000. When Bethenny met Jason, he was a man making a regular salary. It makes one speculate whether or not Jason will collect alimony or try to seek some of Bethenny’s millions.

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Considering that Bethenny is worth such a large sum of money, Jason could possibly end up with a large chunk of it himself. As shown in the reality series, he helped Bethenny build her company. He made sure that he was a part of nearly everything that she had done. It’ll take some time before we are able to see what Jason gets out of the divorce and what will happen with their 2 ½ year old daughter Bryn. As for right now, the couple plans on co-parenting her.

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