June 27, 2013, Lansing, MI- Getting a divorce is tough. In addition to the numerous emotional issues leaving a spouse entails, the estranged couple must untangle their finances which can be extremely complex, and wrangle over child custody, also a very complex issue. Despite the innumerable complications of obtaining a divorce; there are many men and women who ask themselves: Do I really need to hire a Michigan divorce attorney?

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The answer to that question is not a simple one. Candidly speaking, if you and your spouse don’t share any property, have few to almost no mutual assets,  you don’t children and are willing to figure out which forms you need to file, and where then you probably don’t need a divorce attorney. Often times, couples who can’t afford the attorney’s fees, or really have nothing to split up can find enough guidance from court clerks, the library or online sources to get through the process.

The State of Michigan website details some of the divorce process for each county, but the site also say this: “Because of the complexity of most divorce cases where children and property are involved, it may be advisable to contact an attorney.”

But too often, a divorce is not a simple process.  Couples, typically, intertwine their entire financial lives, including their property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, medical expenses and numerous other financial entanglements. Many couples have seemingly endless assets and property all of which have to be divided up.

Couples also have to deal with debt; they must determine who owns the debt and how it will be paid. This is also an area of divorce where a Michigan attorney will be invaluable.

Finances are so crucial, estranged couples really need the assistance of legal counsel when trying to untangle their finances and divide their assets and debts. Even when a couple is able to decide, without contention, which spouse will keep ownership of property or retain assets, there are numerous documents that must be completed and filed. The piles of paperwork along with the difficulty of understanding legal language makes the fees you pay an attorney more than worth it.

If a couple is having a contentious battle over finances, property, assets and debts then a divorce attorney is critical. Your legal counsel will protect your interests and make certain that your final divorce settlement is fair and generous to assure you have a sound financial future. They will make certain that you get the proper amount of child support, spousal support or alimony that you need to maintain your and your children’s standard of living.

A large number of couples also have one child or children that will be impacted by divorce. Simply coming up with a custody agreement that is satisfactory to the child or children and both spouses, there are still formalities such as paperwork and visiting schedules that must be ironed out.

When child custody is a highly contentious issue, then a divorce attorney is as an absolute necessity. They are the voice of reason and will place the child’s best interest above all else. They will fight to make certain the courts do what is best for the child or children.

Divorce attorneys not only handle the legal aspect of a divorce, but they also handle the logistics such as scheduling court dates and meetings.

If you happen to be headed for divorce or going through one and you need expert advice contact Michigan divorce attorney Stu Shafer to set up a consultation and discuss the ways he can help you make a peaceful transition from you marriage to your new life.