Divorce is a fact of life for over forty percent of couples who tie the knot. The human need for companionship can drive a person to seek out a mate while they are in the middle of a divorce.

In some cases, divorce attorneys are already representing a client in a marriage where infidelity is the impetus for dissolution. The cheating spouse may have been dating long before divorce papers were filed, but the innocent spouse may also want to start dating. Some divorce lawyers take the position that there should be absolutely no dating while divorce proceedings are going on. For, others here are no clear answers, but the couple who are splitting should consider how it will affect the outcome of their divorce.

If there are minor children are involved and custody is an issue it is wise not date until the divorce is final. The ex-spouse may choose to use any new relationship against you in court and jeopardize your chances of getting custody of your child or children.

When there are no children, dating is still tricky. Even though it may not affect custody, dating can add fuel to the fire and make things harder if you are trying to get a favorable settlement. If you do date it is important to be discreet. The best advice is to consult your divorce attorney and determine if dating will affect your particular case, since every circumstance differs.