The divorces in movies and on television often give us a skewed perception of how a marriage really comes to an end. In popular culture, divorces come after a single unforgivable transgression. In many cases, this involves adultery, or some other grand deceit.


Most real-life divorces don’t follow that pattern. Of course, adultery may contribute to a couple’s divorce, but most issues don’t come about unexpectedly. Marriages can survive infidelity and deceit, but there are some other telltale signs that a marriage is heading for divorce.

If you’re considering a divorce in Lansing, you’ll need to find a reliable family lawyer to help you through the process. Your attorney can help you determine how best to file, as well as what you can realistically hope to walk away with. This can prove invaluable if you’re trying to plan your post-divorce future.

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1. A Lack of Conflict Resolution

Psychology Today reminds readers that a couple can fight without divorcing. In fact, fights can often ease tension and allow spouses to move past marital obstacles. Couples who cannot achieve resolution during fights are more likely to divorce.

In other words, if you find that you’re continuously fighting about the same issues and never moving forward, then you may need to consider a separation. Likewise, you should speak with an attorney if fights evolve into shouting, bullying or physical altercations before you ever achieve a resolution.

2. You Avoid the Marriage

This behavior can manifest in many different ways, but it’s fairly easy to identify. If you no longer enjoy spending time with spouse, then you’re probably finding ways to avoid focusing on the marriage.

This can include working late to avoid going home, investing emotionally in everyone but your spouse or refusing to speak with your spouse when you are at home.

3. You’re Planning Your Divorce Tattoo

CBC News reports that the social-media site Pinterest spawned a new trend: divorce tattoos. People are designing tattoos that signify closure and moving forward. The idea is very popular among younger generations of divorcees, who call the tattoos a celebration of single life.

Of course, planning for single life doesn’t need to involve tattoos to be a sign of divorce. If you’re spending your time daydreaming about what your life would be life if you divorced or if you realize that you don’t see yourself with your spouse when you imagine the future, then you should start thinking about separating.

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