How many people do you think drink and drive every week in Michigan? According to Michigan police, approximately 150 people received DUI charges each week during a three-week crackdown, totaling 451 DUIs.


The effort ended on April 7 and is the second time police have campaigned against drunk driving; A similar crackdown in 2013 yielded 510 DUI arrests. The Office of Highway Safety Planning coordinated the measure with federal grants to temporarily increase police presence.

Those numbers may seem high until you look at the national statistics. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, approximately 1.2 million drivers face DUI charges each year in the United States.

More than 18 percent of the arrests in Michigan fell under the state’s “Super Drunk Law,” which applies to drivers who have a blood alcohol content approximately 0.17 percent.

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Michigan Plans to Expand Initiative Program for Drunk-Driving Offenders

In Michigan, we’ve had an ignition interlock program for four years, but courts have been weary about expanding the program until seeing how successful it really is. The results of a recent study, which tracked the initiative over the past three years, shows that it helps to rehabilitate DUI offenders.

Now, WLNS News reports that the program will be expanding in the near future. The program is based on a reward system rather than on punishment. It used to be that DUI offenders just lost their licenses for a period of time corresponding with the severity of their offense.

Unfortunately, this system wreaked havoc on people’s lives, especially those who relied on their vehicle to hold a job. Taking their licenses actually caused many to repeat the offense later on after they’d lost their jobs.

The Ignition Interlock System Allows DUI Offenders to Keep Their Licenses

The new system motivates drunk drivers to embrace sobriety by allowing them access to their vehicle but forcing them to only drive while sober. The state installs a Breathalyzer into the offender’s car, which they have to blow into before driving.

If the system detects alcohol, it locks the ignition, keeping the person from driving. The machine also keeps a record of how many failed attempts each offender makes to drive, giving them a powerful incentive to stay sober.

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