As much as we would like to deflect from the fact that divorce is becoming more and more common in society, the truth is, it is a conventional practice for a couple that is looking to get out of the commitment and marriage they agreed to. And if this is the route you are electing to choose, you aren’t alone. In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) reported that “about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.” And the rate of divorce is even higher for individuals who marry again.

Some of the common reasons why couples choose to divorce include:

  • Stress– Taking care of a home, working a full-time job, and being a husband or wife can sometimes place a great deal of pressure on a relationship. Stress alone can interfere with a marriage and even lead to divorce.
  • Money troubles– Although money doesn’t exactly buy happiness, it helps buy comfort. And when you and your spouse are struggling to make ends meet, that too leads to more stress which in return creates an unhealthy environment for your relationship to thrive in.
  • Infidelity– According to Trustify, “in over 1/3 of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.” While some couples are able to push through and move on with their relationship, others can’t handle the distrust that now exists which results in them wanting to file for divorce.
  • Personal changes by one or both partners over the course of the marriage- Some individuals marry young while others elope as they are in the midst of identifying who they want to be. Both scenarios leave room for individual growth which sometimes involves a person “growing out” of the other person who happens to be their husband or wife. And this, in turn, can lead to divorce.

While it is evident that divorce occurs all over the state of Michigan, the city that has been recognized with the highest divorce rates in the state is Greenville [Source: USA Today].

Do all divorces end with disagreement?

Not always. Some divorces are uncontested while others are contested and do involve some form of disagreement. You see, when you decide to split from the person you’ve been married to for months or even years, it is likely you acquired a few things together, also known as assets. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the reason for your divorce, if you are ending on bad terms, you might be ready to put up a fight for the car or house you both own or you might be wanting alimony as your spouse was paying more of the bills you weren’t able to afford.

Aside from the issue that develops when it comes time to split these assets, you also have to be prepared for the many phases that are included in a divorce. But, before you attempt to try and understand it all, which may only confuse and frustrate you even more, you are highly encouraged to schedule your consultation with East Lansing, Michigan divorce lawyer Stuart R. Shafer. Someone who is going through a divorce, especially if it is their first time, may not know how to navigate through the court system or where to even begin the process. The Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer will help sort out all the confusion so that you understand the process and can proceed on with a clear mind.

Divorces aren’t always easy, but they can be more bearable when you have the right type of professional working by your side and supporting you along the way. If you would like to get a consultation scheduled, contact us now at 517-487-6603. We provide legal services to those residing in Lansing, East Lansing, Charlotte, Grand Ledge, St. Johns, Okemos, and Dewitt.