Teenagers often put themselves in comprising situations simply because they are learning who they are while exploring the limited freedom they might have. Sometimes, this can lead to trouble and even an arrest. If your teen was recently arrested in Lansing, Michigan or a neighboring city, how do you know that their rights were upheld? Because many teens aren’t aware of what their rights actually are, they have a hard time telling when an officer of the law has abused their power and violated their rights or if that officer was following protocol and carrying out their duties properly.

So, in an effort to help you determine this, I am providing you with key information provided by the State Bar of Michigan that hopefully will give you the answer you need.

  1. If an officer has enough evidence to arrest a teen, they also have the power to then search their entire body as well as the possessions they have with them.
  2. If your teen attempted to run away from an officer, they can be charged with resisting arrest, which would be viewed as a separate crime outside of the one they were being questioned about.
  3. The police are required to read your teen their rights only if they ask them questions about a crime they suspect they committed and if they are taken into custody.
  4. After being arrested and taken to the local police station, your teen is not required to answer questions that could incriminate them until they have a Michigan criminal defense lawyer present.
  5. If you cannot afford a defense lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer for you. Now remember, a court-appointed attorney may not be as inclined to fight for the outcome you desire as opposed to hiring a professional of your choice.

If you are under the impression that your teen was wrongfully arrested or that their rights were violated during the arrest, contact the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. today and let us help you fight these charges.

The truth is, if your teen’s rights were violated, that could potentially lead to the charges being dropped which is something every parent can only hope for. The only way to truly determine if this were the case is by allowing East Lansing criminal defense attorney Stuart R. Shafer the chance to review the details of your case and discuss the arrest with your teen.

If you would like to get a consultation set up so that this can be accomplished, simply call our office at 517-487-6603. We provide our legal services to those residing in Lansing, East Lansing, DeWitt, St. Johns, Okemos, and Grand Ledge. The fact is, there are numerous criminal cases that arise involving officers who have violated the rights of citizens and even made a wrongful arrest. So, if you want to increase your chances of having your teen’s case thrown out or getting their charges reduced, we encourage you to contact our firm today.