Over-criminalization has been an issue in the state of Michigan for some time now as the state continues to create new crimes each and every year. With so many crimes and more being added, some people aren’t even aware when they commit one. A report that was written by the Mackinac Center and the Manhattan Institute “argues that there are too many crimes on the books in Michigan, leading some to commit crimes without knowing.” Mlive gave one example involving a man who sent 500 tires for disposal but didn’t know that the facility he sent them to was not properly licensed to accept them. This act was considered to be illegal and he was prosecuted for it.

When Kenneth Schumacher, the man who illegally disposed of the tires was taken to court, it didn’t matter that he didn’t intentionally commit the crime, he still had to face the consequences. Although this case stems back to 2003, Michigan has since revised its laws by passing a default statute “requiring a person to act with intent, knowledge, or recklessness to have committed a crime unless there’s specifically a different standard set in law.” But, the issue of over-criminalization still exists. In 2014, Michigan created an average of 45 new crimes and in 2015 it had created another 30. In 2016, 30 more were added.

The fact is, such a large number of crimes have been established by the state of Michigan and the state continually adds more and more to its database each year. As a result, it is virtually impossible for citizens to be aware of them all. Obviously, crimes such as assault, robbery, and DUI are all infractions individuals are familiar with, but there are certain ones such as how to dispose of tires that aren’t common knowledge to the average individual.

Are you facing a criminal charge in Lansing, Michigan for an act you didn’t intentionally commit?

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