After a long-term marriage comes to an end, people often feel the sting of failure and discouragement about dating again. Oftentimes, divorcees are afraid that they have nothing left to offer or they have grown too old to return to the dating game. Although it may take some time before you feel completely comfortable transitioning back into a romantic relationship, it is important to remember that your first marriage has taught you things that will serve you well in your next relationship.

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It is nearly impossible to go through a long marriage and a divorce without learning more about yourself and understanding more about relationships. Focusing on the positive outcomes of your divorce will help you in more ways than you might imagine. Below, you’ll find three reminders of positive things that may have come out of your separation.

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1. You Know What Values To Look For.

There is no instruction manual for a successful marriage, because every marriage is unique. Most are smooth in the beginning, but, as time goes on, both spouses begin to discover each other’s eccentricities and faults. Throughout your marriage, you no doubt learned what things you can live with and what you could not.

The Huffington Post reminds that, moving forward, you will have a clearer picture of what traits to look for in a partner and, chances are, those traits will be different than what you looked for the first time around.

2. You Have The Opportunity To Be You.

After a divorce, you are able to fill your life and your time with the activities and people that make you happy. Marriage is all about compromise, which can teach you what is most important to you. After divorcing, you have the opportunity to pursue the hobbies that may not have been feasible in a relationship or to spend time with people who you may have lost contact with.

3. You Are More Well Rounded After Divorcing.

Most relationships are built on give and take, and each spouse relies on the other in certain areas. For instance, one spouse does the finances, whereas the other does the landscaping and the cleaning. After years of relying on another person in certain areas, divorce gives you the opportunity to become more self-reliant and confident in your own abilities.

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