After being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), a person faces many severe penalties if convicted. A DUI defense should be designed to mitigate these penalties as much as possible. Each case is unique, so every defense should be tailored to fit the situation.

Alfonzo Dennard

Naturally, if there was not enough evidence for an arrest, or there was a serious mistake made during the arrest, then the aim of the defense should be to have the charges dismissed. If the charges cannot be dismissed, a good defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecution in an attempt to reach an agreement and lessen the penalties.

If you have been arrested for DUI, it is normal to feel frightened and wonder how the drunk-driving charges will affect your life going forward. At the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C., we specialize in helping our clients reach the best possible resolution to their charges, so they can put their arrest behind them and move on. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Shafer, Call Us At 517-487-6603 Today!

DUI Case Against ABC News Correspondent Dismissed

Time and time again, we are reminded that drunk driving has become an epidemic that affects every group in society. Politicians, athletes, celebrities and others are charged with DUIs, bringing the issue to the public’s attention regularly. One of the latest reports of a well-known person arrested for DUI centered on ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson, best known for covering nearly every party political convention since the 1960s.

NBC News reports that the 79-year-old was arrested last year after he failed a field sobriety test. During his recent court case, a judge determined that the prosecution did not have enough evidence to convict Donaldson of DUI. This case reinforces the fact that field sobriety tests are not entirely reliable, because there are many factors other than alcohol that can cause a person to fail.

NFL Player Reaches Agreement With The City Attorney’s Office

For a first-time offender, prosecutors are often willing to accept a plea deal that can help the defendant avoid maximum penalties. This was the case with Alfonzo Dennard, a cornerback with the New England Patriots.

ESPN News reports that Dennard agreed to plead no contest to the charge of refusing to comply with a blood test, and, in exchange, the DUI charges against him were dropped. He was sentenced to perform community service and serve probation and jail time, but the lengths of each were much shorter than they would have been without the plea agreement.

The penalties for DUI convictions are designed to deter a person from committing the crime again. Voluntarily participating in substance-abuse programs before the trial will often lead to a less severe punishment.

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