Sources have recently reported that several inmates across the state of Michigan are being released early or have been permitted to finish their sentences at home in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As you may already be aware, COVID-19 spreads rather easily from person-to-person, especially when individuals are in close contact with one another. Because jails are set up in a way that makes it rather difficult for inmates to distance themselves from the next person, many counties in Michigan have decided to review cases of inmates who would not be a danger to the public if released.

Click on Detroit recently reported that Wayne County had released 382 people while Oakland County reduced its population by 152. The news source said that six inmates at the Oakland County Jail tested positive at the time of reporting, however, officials did not disclose how many employees within the facility had contracted the COVID-19 virus. The Lansing State Journal also reported that the Ingham County Jail population was at 376 in the middle of March and that number continued to decrease. On March 20th, the number of inmates being housed in the Ingham County Jail was 303.

Clinton County Jail was another to release inmates. With a capacity set at 236, officials announced they had reduced the number of inmates being held to 150. As of Friday, March 20th, Eaton County had not released any inmates from its jail. The majority of inmates who were released are low-level offenders who have already served a significant amount of their sentence. Some of the others who were released were those who had been sentenced to serve weekends in jail or to work release.

Can an Eaton County, MI criminal lawyer help me get my loved one released from jail early?

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