As shocking as it may sound, this isn’t the only case of its kind.

On May 11th, Jodie May found herself being detained and taken into police custody after her ex-husband had called the police claiming she had stolen their daughter’s iPhone 6 [Source: Newsweek]. She was held in a cell for about two hours and later released on a $200 bond. Apparently, May, like any other parent, was concerned about her daughter’s cell phone usage and took the phone away. However, because May’s ex-husband had purchased the phone for their child, he took it upon himself to report the act of parental discipline as an act of larceny which ultimately led up to her arrest.

At the time May was detained, Newsweek reported that she had been nursing a four-week-old baby. But, when police arrived and she notified them of this and pleaded to be given the opportunity to turn herself in, she was denied the request. After May was arrested, she was charged with misdemeanor larceny and larceny by conversion, both of which carry a maximum punishment of 93 days in jail. When the case made it to court, the Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor agreed that the case should be thrown out after realizing that the defendant was, in fact, the mother of the child.

While May claims the prosecution was aware that it was her daughter’s phone, her acting attorney commented on the case saying that is was “always just parental discipline.” She went on to say, “We knew it would come across that way. The case was authorized on a probable-cause basis, and unfortunately, at times there are misdemeanor cases that are not thoroughly vetted. Unfortunately, Miss May was a victim of that.” The charges were eventually dismissed and May was freed from being convicted. Now, May wonders how her actions developed into the case that it did.

Why was this Michigan mother arrested?

Aside from the apparent miscommunication, this case appears to have developed around the issues the two parents of the teen had. After a couple separates and divorces, it can cause a significant amount of tension between the parties. And because both parents shared some level of custody, they were both able to make certain decisions based on what they deemed was appropriate, even if the other parent didn’t agree. With that said, when May decided to take the child’s phone away, which is what many parents find themselves having to do in today’s day and age, it caused a conflict to arise as she wasn’t the one to purchase the phone.

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