When two individuals utter the words “till death do us part,” they don’t exactly expect that something will come in between their marriage causing them to divorce and go their separate ways. And that can be hard. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the U.S. divorce and there is no doubt that stress becomes one of the most common feelings many divorcing couples experience [Source: American Psychological Association]. The fact is, the divorce process can be rather difficult to get through, especially if you don’t have a Lansing, MI divorce attorney assisting you throughout it, and your stress levels might be at an all-time high.

Because stress is common in nearly every individual’s life, not only those who are going through a divorce, the Mayo Clinic offers a few tips on how to manage your stress so that you don’t let it consume you. We share a few of these tips below.

  1. Understand how you react to stress. While some get anxious or others give off on a laid-back persona, you need to figure out what your reaction is when you feel stressed.
  2. Once you identify this, consider implementing these techniques that may help you manage it and take control.
    1. Scale back. When possible, cut back on your obligations. If there are meetings, activities, or chores throughout the month you can cut back on or delegate to someone else, consider doing it.
    2. Prepare. Prepare for big tasks or events rather than running around at the last minute trying to get yourself together. For instance, if you are preparing for a court hearing where your divorce is expected to be discussed, be sure you have all your points ready as well as any documentation way ahead of time so that your stress levels don’t build as the deadline to get this stuff together approaches.
    3. Take up a hobby. When you engage in something you like, “it can soothe and calm your restless mind.”
    4. Get enough sleep. A lack of sufficient sleep can affect your immune system as well as your judgement. Most individuals need between seven to nine hours of sleep a day so be sure you are getting it so that you don’t snap over minor irritations.
    5. Relax. Things like engaging in physical activity, meditation, yoga, massage, and even deep breathing relaxation techniques can actually help you accomplish this as they help you refocus your attention to something more calming.
    6. Get professional help. If you feel your efforts being made aren’t enough, consider seeking additional support from a doctor. Chronic stress has been linked to depression and that is the last thing you want right now as you are going through your divorce.

According to the American Psychological Association, the longer you let stress last, “the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to concentrate and irritable for no good reason.” But, when stress becomes a chronic problem, it causes major wear and tear on your body. Aside from that, “chronic stress may also cause disease, either because of changes in your body or overeating, smoking and other bad habits people tend to use to cope with stress.”

While it is inevitable that you will come face to face with stress throughout your life, knowing how to best manage it can help reduce the effect you allow it to have on yourself.

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