There is no doubt that finances can bring on some serious tension is any relationship. Whether you and your spouse are struggling to bring in enough income or you are finding that too much money is being spent that cannot be accounted for, it can lead to arguments, disagreements, and even divorce. In fact, there are certain financial decisions you might be making that tend to cause couples to separate and we are sharing these with you below. The Money Couple, who happen to be financial advisors, and have been for the last 25 years, say if you engage in either of these three types of behaviors, they will “guarantee a divorce.”

  1. Sneaky Spending. Let’s say you went out shopping and purchased a few nice things. You tell your husband or wife you spent $100 but, in all reality, your total came to about $280. They find this out only after they receive the credit card bill which indicates you were dishonest. Some other examples might include you loaning a friend some money who always seems to be “coming up short,” hiding receipts, or investing in an idea you came up with but failed to inform your spouse about it. The truth is, in most marriages, couples share their income as well as the bills and when one partner is spending this money they work so hard for and attempting to hide it, it can bring some uneasiness into the relationship.
  1. Secret Savings. There is nothing wrong with putting money away to save, but there is when you are hiding it from your spouse. The Money Couple shared one experience a wife had who found out her husband had been putting money into a separate account but only learned of it years later. The mother of two girls ran a “tight financial ship” and was extremely careful with her spending. She would shop at Sears instead of Gymboree and had them wear hand-me-down prom dresses rather than purchase brand new ones. After the girls grew up and went off to school, a student loan bill arrived and that is when her husband wrote out a check from a bank account she had no knowledge of. And the check was for an enormous amount. While she was fortunate that they could afford the bill, she also felt “bothered” because she hadn’t known about this “secret savings” for all these years.
  1. You justify to yourself your sneaky money lies. Instead of sharing your spending habits with your partner, you justify to yourself why what you are doing is acceptable. Whether you tell yourself that it is just small amounts of money that is being spent, the truth is, no one likes these types of surprises.

Although money is definitely a factor in causing many couples to file for divorce, if you avoid engaging in these types of behavior, you might stand a chance at saving your marriage in the event your issues are financial ones. Now, if you and your spouse are considering filing for divorce as your problems have amounted into more serious ones, contact Lansing, MI family law attorney Stuart R. Shafer, P.C.

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