Many innocent people in the state of Michigan are jailed for crimes they didn’t commit or are forced to spend time behind bars for victimless crimes such as failing to pay a parking ticket. Buy why? Well, for starters, most people who are wrongfully put in jail can’t afford to hire a Michigan criminal defense attorney and are often appointed a public defender. And unfortunately, when someone is represented by a court-appointed attorney, their legal representative isn’t provided with any additional funds to hire outside experts, independent investigators, or obtain training that can help prove their client’s innocence, according to the Lansing State Journal.

The reality is, without proper legal representation, you’re at risk of being charged for something you didn’t do and remain at risk while under the supervision of jail staff.

Aside from being thrown in jail for an offense you had no connection to, Michiganders are also at risk of being harmed while under the supervision of jail staff. Below we highlight some details from a case involving an inmate who died in his jail cell simply because the staff working there failed to provide him with the medical attention he needed as well as neglected to monitor his food and water intake.

In 2015, David Stojcevski, 32, was jailed for failing to pay a traffic ticket and was placed in Macomb County Jail. During his last 10 days of life, a surveillance video camera caught footage of Stojcevski convulsing and struggling to breathe while inside his cell, according to Click on Detroit. Sadly, no guards tended to Stojcevski and he was never taken to the hospital.

After a multi-million-dollar lawsuit was later filed, it was then when Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham finally spoke out regarding the death of the inmate, revealing why this man suffered in the manner he did. Apparently, Stojcevski, who had lost nearly 40 pounds after only spending 17 days in jail, was extremely dehydrated. It turns out, Wickersham’s sworn disposition says the guards thought it was the medical staff’s job to determine if an inmate needed to go to the hospital while the medical staff assumed it was the guards’ job to determine if inmates had enough food and water.

In the meantime, while the staff was unclear of their responsibilities, Stojcevski was left without his basic daily necessities, food and water, which eventually led up to him needing medical attention, none of which he received. Click on Detroit also revealed that of the 33 meals he was served while in the high observation unit, he ate maybe three those and in the last three days of his life, he had no water. Now, although the 32-year-old could clearly be seen on the video surveillance footage struggling, not once was he given any sort of attention that could have potentially saved his life.

The sad truth is that this man died as a result of an oversight of responsibilities among those working in the jail. And had the public not been presented with footage of him gasping for air in his jail cell, we likely wouldn’t have heard about this case. And that is why anytime a person is faced with any sort of criminal charge, it is crucial they obtain legal representation from a Lansing, MI criminal defense lawyer who has the knowledge and skills to ensure they are treated fairly in court and are being properly cared for while under jail staff supervision.

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