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Woman Orders Hit on Husband

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Couples fight, that’s inevitable. Even the most easy going marriages can take a turn for the worse, leaving one or both spouses requesting a divorce.  However, there are times when one spouse decides to take a different course of action – an illegal one. Twenty-one-year-old Julia Charlene Merfeld decided she wanted to leave her husband [...]

Man Accused of Assaulting Wife

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Domestic violence is a serious and growing problem for married couples and is one of the leading contributors toward the dissolution of a marriage. As a Michigan family lawyer and criminal attorney, I have represented numerous cases involving domestic violence within a home, some of which have threatened the lives of both the spouse and [...]

Hiring a Divorce Attorney Pays

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June 27, 2013, Lansing, MI- Getting a divorce is tough. In addition to the numerous emotional issues leaving a spouse entails, the estranged couple must untangle their finances which can be extremely complex, and wrangle over child custody, also a very complex issue. Despite the innumerable complications of obtaining a divorce; there are many men [...]

Protecting Your Finances Amid Divorce

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June, 10, 2013, Lansing, MI- Experts are constantly trying to determine the many reasons so many marriages end in divorce. While there are actually a myriad of reasons from incompatibility to infidelity, but nothing is more toxic to a marriage than fights over money and those fights carry over into the divorce process. A 2009 [...]

Survey: Infidelity and Divorce

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May, 30, 2013, Lansing, MI- American society has an abundant supply of taboos; some fade away, but some seem timeless and rarely change. Divorce and infidelity are representative of America’s ability to change their minds about cultural taboos, a new Gallup poll demonstrates.  It turns out when American’s are polled they show a growing acceptance [...]

Couples Need Divorce Experts

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May, 22, 2013 Lansing, MI- It used to be that cohabitation was taboo. It was something few couples did, and up until the past 20 years couples might have lived together, but it wasn’t something they would tell anyone, especially not their parents. But things have drastically changed and now a large number of Michigan [...]

Demi Moore’s $10M Divorce

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May, 16, 2013, Lansing, MI- Actress Demi Moore and her much-younger husband Ashton Kutcher have been split up for over a year now and they still haven’t finalized their divorce. Not that this should really be a surprise but according to reports their May-December marriage hasn’t been dissolved yet because Demi wants more of Ashton’s [...]

Child Custody and Parental Evaluation

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April, 25, 2013, Lansing, MI- Almost 50 percent of all marriages in the country end in divorce, and while there are many issues a couple going through this must deal with child custody is often the most contentious. Divorcing couples have different custody arrangements they can decide on. Some couples decide that they want to [...]

Social Media Bad for Michigan Marriages?

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April, 16, 2013, Lansing, MI- Not all marriages last, that’s a fact, but that doesn’t keep researchers from trying to unlock the secrets of why marriages fail and what effects it has on both adults and children. While the reasons people find themselves in failing marriages are various and complex, a new study suggests that [...]

Men Increasingly Divorce Drinking Wives

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April, 3, 2013, Lansing, MI-There are a number of reasons that Michigan couples decide to end their marriages, but attorneys in the UK are noticing a dramatic increase in cases where men cite “Sex in the City” drinking as their reason for divorcing their wives. It was once a prevailing stereotype; the wife at home [...]