It all depends on the type and degree of the charge along with the actual job you are applying for.


Being convicted of DUI doesn’t only result in an offender having to spend time in jail and dish out thousands of dollars in fines, fees, and legal expenses, but it can have an adverse effect on a job application if you are seeking employment in Lansing, MI or any other city for that matter. The truth is, there are many industries that won’t hire a DUI offender simply because of the nature of the crime. For example, some of the industries you may find won’t hire you include:


  1. A job that requires you to work with children. If you are applying to be a teacher, daycare worker, child counselor, etc. that requires you to work directly with children, you might find an employer in this industry isn’t willing to allow someone with a DUI conviction to work in their facility. Caring for children is a huge responsibility and having someone with a DUI on their record could be a liability for the employer and/or the owner of the company.


  1. A job that requires you to drive. Any place of employment that requires its workers to drive such as one that is responsible for making deliveries or hauling large loads of cargo will likely turn away someone who has a DUI conviction on their record. The employer may feel that if a DUI offender wasn’t responsible when behind the wheel of their own vehicle, then what would make them responsible behind a company car or truck?


Although there is a chance that someone with a DUI conviction on their record would get turned away from employers in these industries, there is no guarantee of this. The fact is, you won’t know if an employer will hire you until you actually apply for the job or the job listing explicitly states the company cannot hire someone with a criminal history, particularly DUI.


Do I have to tell a potential employer that I have a DUI on my record?


During the pre-employment phase, a potential employer will ask you about your past work history, what makes you a potential candidate for the job, and what your criminal history looks like. Some of the questions the Civil Liberties Union of Michigan says an employer is permitted to ask an applicant include:


  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? It would behoove you to provide a valid answer to this question as your employer will likely conduct a background check. If he or she finds that the initial answer you provided them with doesn’t match the information that came back on the background check, they could use this as a reason for not hiring you. Remember, you can always provide details regarding your conviction that can help the potential employer better understand it. This may or may not increase your chances of getting hired.


  1. Are there any felony charges pending against you? If you were arrested and charged with a felony DUI in Lansing, MI, however, you have not yet been convicted, you would need to provide the employer with this information as he or she can look up your criminal history and will likely come across this charge. You will also want to retain a Lansing, MI DUI defense lawyer who can help you fight these charges and potentially get them dismissed. There are ways to get criminal charges thrown out but in order to do so, you will need someone with a significant amount of experience representing you.


With that in mind, if you haven’t yet retained a lawyer to help you with your DUI case, contact the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. at 517-487-6603 today. Lansing, MI DUI defense attorney Stuart R. Shafer has a great deal of experience in handling various types of criminal cases and would be more than happy to lend a legal hand to you.


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