Your husband, wife, significant other, or family member was arrested in Lansing, MI and he/she has called on you to bail them out of jail. But how do you do this? Like most people, you probably have never had to bail someone out so them asking you to help them be released out of police custody might seem like they are speaking in a foreign language to you. While you might be confused as to what you need to do and what steps you must follow to bond your partner or relative out of jail, below we share some helpful information that should be able to help you.


The first thing you need to understand about posting bail is that when a judge grants a defendant with it, it doesn’t mean they are free per se. While they will be released from police custody, it is only until they are required to return to court for a hearing. At that hearing, the judge may decide whether they are guilty or not guilty which could result in them having to return back to jail to serve the sentence the crime they committed carries. However, until that court date arrives, you may wish to help your loved one return home which can be done by posting bail when the judge grants it.


So, how do you post bail?



After being notified that your relative or significant other was awarded bail, you will need to contact the correctional facility where he/she is being detained to find out how much it is you need to pay. Sometimes, bail can be as little as $500 and other times it can be more than $20,000 as it all depends on the seriousness of the crime they allegedly committed as well as these factors:


  1. The protection of the public.
  2. The previous criminal record and the dangerousness of the person accused of the crime.
  3. The probability or improbability of your loved one or relative appearing at the trial of the cause.

[Source: Michigan Code 765.6].


Once you know the amount you are required to pay, and generally, this amount is not the entire bail amount rather just a percentage of it, you’ll need to contact a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will charge you a fee, which is what you have to pay to get your loved one released, and they will act as a surety meaning they take responsibility for the remaining amount that is due. So, let’s say your loved one’s bond was set at $2,000 and you had to pay 10% of that upfront. You would pay $200 to the bail bondsman and then he/she would be financially liable for the remaining $1,800 in the event your relative or loved one doesn’t return for their court hearing.


If you are unable to pay the 10% fee or what the amount the court requires, some bail bondsman will accept assets to make up for the money that is owed. Some examples of assets a bail bondsman might take include:


  • Vehicle
  • Land
  • Home
  • Buildings
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Jewelry
  • Personal credit


Now, not all bail bondsman may accept the assets listed above so it is best to call around first to see what assets will be accepted in lieu of a cash credit card payment.


My friend or relative was recently arrested. What can I do to increase their chances of being awarded bond?


In the event your loved one was recently arrested in Lansing, MI and you wish to increase their chances of being released on bond, you’ll want to contact MI criminal defense attorney Stuart R. Shafer who can help you. It is always recommended that anyone who is facing criminal charges always hire a reputable defense lawyer who can protect their rights and freedom.



You can reach the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. at:


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