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How much will a DWI cost me if I was charged in Eaton County, MI?

DWI’s, like all criminal offenses, carry fines and fees that must be satisfied to avoid being further penalized. To give you an idea as to what a DWI might cost you, consider this breakdown of fees provided on behalf of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning:

  • Your arrest-$150-$350

Unfortunately, when you are arrested and booked into jail, you incur a fee for this. In fact, for each day you reside in jail, you will be required to pay a certain amount.

  • Bail- $150-$2,000

It is important to note that not all judge’s grant bail. In the event a judge does decide to grant bail, the amount could be higher than what is stipulated above, especially if you were charged with multiple crimes.

  • Towing and impound- $100-$200

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, your vehicle may or may not be towed and impounded. If it is, these are the fees you are likely to incur.

  • Attorney fees- $500-$5,000

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning estimates these to be the fees associated with hiring an Eaton County, MI DWI lawyer, however, they could be more depending on how serious your charges are. If you would like to receive an estimate for what it might cost you to retain legal aid following being charged with DWI, contact Eaton County, MI drunk driving lawyer Stuart R. Shafer.

  • Court fees- $700-$2,200

Again, the following is an estimate as to how much you might spend on court fees, however, the amount could very well be more if you were charged with serious crimes such as causing a drunk driving accident that resulted in the injury or death of another.

  • Tether fees-$200(monthly)
  • Alcohol evaluation testing- $10-$300
  • Ignition interlock device- $50-$200 for installation and a $50-$100 monthly fee

A court will sometimes order a DWI offender to have installed in their vehicle an ignition interlock device after they have been convicted of the crime. An ignition interlock device is something that prevents a driver from operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Before a driver is able to start their vehicle, they would be required to provide a breath sample so that the device can determine if there is any alcohol in their system. If any is detected, the vehicle won’t start. The individual would also be required to breathe into the device as they continue to drive to ensure they do not consume alcohol after having gotten their vehicle started.

  • Alcohol education/treatment- $350-$1,000

Depending on your charges, the court will likely order you to attend and complete an alcohol treatment/training program.

  • Driver responsibility fees- $1,000 (charged annually for two years) 
  • License reinstatement- $125 
  • Insurance increase- $1,500 and up (annual)

When a driver is convicted of DWI in Eaton County, MI, their insurance rates are likely to increase. Insurance carriers couple DWI’s with risk which means the company is likely to view you as a liability and charge you more.

What is the grand total for a DWI in Eaton County, MI?

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning estimates the total cost for a DWI in Eaton County, MI to be $15,680 using the averages of provided ranges and six months of monthly fees. It also included the cost of insurance increases based on a three-year period.

The cost of your DWI ultimately comes down to the charges you are convicted of. For example, if this wasn’t your first time being convicted of DWI as you were found guilty of the crime just a few years ago, you can expect the fines and fees to be much higher. You might also incur higher fees if you caused a drunk driving accident that resulted in property damage and/or injuries or you were traveling with a minor inside the vehicle with you.

 Can a drunk driving attorney in Eaton County, MI help me avoid having to pay so much in fees for a DWI? 

There are many things a DWI attorney in Eaton County, MI can do for you, including helping you get the fees associated with your charges reduced. While there is no guarantee that a lawyer can get the court to lower your fines, they may be successful at doing so which is why you should definitely consider hiring an Eaton County, MI OWI lawyer if you were caught operating your vehicle while intoxicated.

The Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C., an Eaton County, MI DWI law firm, is here to help you understand your changes along with what can be done to potentially get them reduced to a lesser degree. If you would like to speak with an OWI attorney in Eaton County, MI now who is prepared to defend your rights and protect your freedom, contact our office.

You can reach the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. at:

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