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Can I collect alimony after my divorce if I’m working?


If you’re going through a divorce in Clinton County, Michigan but plan on requesting that your spouse provide you with alimony as you have been financially dependent on him or her even though you are working, you might still be eligible to receive it. When the court determines “the estate and effects awarded to either party are insufficient for the suitable support and maintenance of either party and any children of the marriage who are committed to the care and custody of either party,” it may award either party with alimony, or spousal support [Source: Michigan Revised Statute §552.23]. Basically, what this means is that after your income, assets, debts, etc. are all taken into account during the divorce proceedings, if the court finds you are unable to meet your financial needs without any monetary support from your husband or wife, it may order him or her to pay you spousal support.

Examples of when a Clinton County, MI court may choose to award a spouse with alimony even when they are employed.

Although alimony is awarded on a case by case basis, the court may still choose to award you spousal support if:

  1. You have dependents living with you and the court determines your current income isn’t enough to cover your expenses. If the court assigned you to be your child’s custodial parent, meaning he or she will be spending most of their time with you, but your income isn’t enough to meet your financial needs, you may be eligible to collect alimony from your ex-spouse and even child support. Taking care of yourself and your children without your spouse’s financial support can be challenging and can make life as a single parent difficult which is why the court may order your ex-spouse to pay alimony.
  2. Your income is not enough to support you without your spouse’s financial help. If you cannot support yourself (i.e. pay your rent/mortgage, car and health insurance, vehicle payment, etc.) using your own income but were able to afford all of these expenses while married, the court might find you eligible to receive alimony. This way, getting on your feet will be a little easier after your divorce is finalized and you will still be able to provide for yourself the same way you were able to prior to the separation.

How long will I receive alimony for if the court orders my ex-spouse to pay?

If the court finds you eligible for spousal support, you could receive it all at once or over a period of time. Sometimes, the court might order one party to pay their ex-spouse a lump sum while other times, it may order a husband or wife to pay a certain amount every month. Again, alimony is awarded on a case by case basis as the circumstances in each relationship differ which means you might receive a one-time payment or multiple payments over a specific period of time given the court finds you eligible to receive it.

What factors do Michigan courts use to calculate alimony?

Aside from considering whether or not a party who has been asked to provide alimony is even able to pay, the courts also take into account the following:

  • How much you make each month.
  • How long you were married for.
  • The reason for the divorce.
  • What you and your spouse’s needs are.
  • The lifestyle you are accustomed to.

What can I do to ensure I am awarded alimony?

If you want to increase your chances of being awarded alimony, you should hire a Clinton County, MI divorce attorney. A lawyer who truly has your best interest in mind is going to gather all the evidence you need to prove you are more than deserving of being awarded spousal support. Divorce lawyer Stuart R. Shafer is empathetic to those who are placed in a financial rut after separating from their spouse which is why he will help you collect the spousal support you need and deserve so as long as you are eligible to receive it.

Clinton County family lawyersTip: If your divorce was recently finalized and the judge did not order your ex-spouse to pay you spousal support but you would like the court to revisit your case, you can always contact the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. to speak with a Clinton County, Michigan divorce attorney who can assess your circumstances and determine if you are a potential candidate to receive it.

Ready to speak with a Clinton County, MI alimony lawyer to find out if your circumstances qualify you to receive spousal support?

Our divorce law firm in Clinton County, MI has helped many individuals collect the alimony they need and deserve, and we can help you too. Moving on after a divorce isn’t always easy and it can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and financially. If you would like a legal expert to help you obtain the money you need after your divorce, the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. is here to provide you with the assistance you need.


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