First off, I would like to make it known that I shopped around before deciding on Stu (When I say shopped around, I mean shopping around for two weeks and spend $300 on first consultations). When I stumbled upon Stu, I was completely lost among a sea of lawyers in a challenging time in my life, but Stu mitigated the stress as he rose amongst the rest. I know that he doesn’t have the strongest internet presence amongst some other lawyers within the area, but at the end of the day I was not hiring an online SEO marketer, I was hiring a lawyer. With this, Stu was always kind, fair, intelligent, and straight to the point. Unlike encounters I had prior with other firms, his kindness seemed sincere and less like a sales tactic. Now let’s gets to the meat and potatoes… You might be wondering about the quality of his work since all lawyer reviews seem to focus solely on words like kind and professional. With this, I have to say that Stu delivered better than expected. I knew he was going to be right after researching his long line of experience and education; however, I wasn’t expecting him to outclass my ex-wife’s lawyer time and time again. He was responsive while being able to work at incredible speeds. Also, he would include me in absolutely everything, while providing sound direction and elaborating, as well as organizing my thoughts to make them 100-fold more effective than they would have been otherwise. Aside from this, I live in Massachusetts while being a resident from another state since I am Active Duty Military. My situation was unique and took a knowledgeable lawyer to work. Stu did amazing! I can’t recommend this man enough! Thank you, Stu, I will forever be grateful for all you have done for myself, as well as for my daughter/family.

Mr. Shafer was not only amazing in every aspect of services from communication to sentencing outcome, but he never made me feel like a bad person because of the mistakes I made. He treated me with the upmost respect the entire time, and you can tell he truly cares about the well-being of his clients. I am overly ecstatic about the results he was able to get me in my case, and he made me feel prepared and comfortable through the entire process. I truly can’t recommend Stuart highly enough.

Divorce is an awful thing, but Stu helped me through the entire process. He was very accessible and organized. He explained my options and helped me understand each step.. His calm nature helped me get through something very difficult, and I appreciate it tremendously! Also, his legal assistant, Kelly, was amazing. She is knowledgeable and always knew who I was when I called.

Mr. Shafer did an excellent job with my case. It really was a tough situation for all involved and he was able to settle the issue quickly and painlessly. I truly could not be happier.

Stuart Shafer is a class act and I would recommend him to anyone I care about. He is thoughtful and practical in his counsel. And there is no beating his experience, he had many benchmarks when explaining his strategy for my situations. His default is to reduce or mitigate legal action rather than inflate/inflame situations and creep up his bill. He has been my champion on several occasion and you can tell he cares about his clients. He is one of the good guys,and a highly competent one.

Stuart was very timely in his follow up. He communicates well and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.

I found Stuart to be very easy to talk to in my difficult situation. He put me at ease and was very very helpful. I always recommend Stuart to everyone I know who needs a great advice.

Stuart is very responsive, knowledgeable and caring. I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart.

Stuart is tenacious and experienced. He knows people working in every sector of the legal community and has relationships that allow him to leverage every possible opportunity for his clients. Stuart is practical, compassionate and fair, and he inspires trust and confidence.

I used Stuart’s services as a mediator in a complex and politically charged dispute. He was able to guide the parties to a mutually agreeable solution. He demonstrated great respect for both parties during a very hostile negotiation. In the end the parties ended up with not only an agreement, but a repaired business relationship.

He helped me resolve a very stressful situation I was involved in. He was extremely responsive to my concerns and questions. The matter was handled quickly at a very reasonable cost. I am grateful and have referred him to friends and family.

You won’t find an attorney more committed to your case. He’s skilled and he cares.

Stuart gave very detailed and thorough advice and recommendations. I thought he did a great job representing me in court.

As a teenager, our daughter made some bad choices that ended up in her arrest for DUI. Stuart not only was effective in getting her a fair (and significantly reduced) sentence but his firmness in what she needed to do going forward has caused her to become a non-drinker and a whole person again. We think he very well may have saved her from a disastrous life. We strongly recommend Stuart’s counsel. The results of the court proceedings alone were more than worth the fee we were charged.

Mr. Shafer is a seasoned attorney and his experience shows. After several consultations with other attorneys, I chose Mr. Shafer based on his excellent reputation in the community as well the personal attention and seriousness he gave my issues from the first time I visited his office. Mr. Shafer and his staff made the process from the beginning to the end a comfortable process and we were successful with my case. I can’t thank Mr. Shafer enough for a job well done.

Mr. Shafer is a very good listener. He also was very empathetic when I was going through my divorce (which eventually led to my drunk driving). He is very patient and takes time to understand the situation. I had interviewed two other attorneys before meeting with him, & even over the phone he was by far the most thorough in explaining the process and what would happen as things progressed. I’ve referred two friends to him since that time and they, too, have been very pleased with his services.

He gave me very good advice that I followed. I was very pleased with the results.

As an elderly female I had been troubled by several issues involving my children and grandchildren. Stuart was able to help me understand their problems and was able to help one of them with a very involved criminal case. I know before visiting with Stuart that my opinion of lawyers was 180 degrees different than it is now. I found him to be honest – almost to a fault – and very trustworthy. I would not hesitate in sending anyone I know to see him, nor would I hesitate to return to see him.