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What are Michigan’s Laws Concerning Possession of Marijuana?

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While Michigan has yet to adopt any law that permits individuals to use or carry marijuana for recreational use legally, it is legal for those who possess a valid prescription to use the drug. The use of marijuana is becoming more and more common throughout Michigan and across the U.S. A poll taken by Yahoo [...]

Why is Hiring a Child Custody Attorney Crucial to Your Case?

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Child custody is one of the many obstacles parents have to overcome when they separate or divorce. The trouble is, when the divorce is contested, it often results in parents fighting over custody and how much is awarded to each individual. Sometimes, there are instances where the outcome of a child custody case may not [...]

What is a Typical Day Like in Divorce Court?

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Couples enter into divorce courts on a constant basis throughout the state of Michigan attempting to end their relationship and find a common ground to agree on as to who gets what and how their assets are going to be split. These are some of the tasks that most couples are looking to get accomplished [...]

Wrongful Arrests are More Common than You Think

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In 2015, 149 individuals were exonerated for crimes they didn’t commit according to a report that was published by the National Registry of Exonerations. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other individuals who have been arrested for a crime they weren’t actually guilty of or were faced with charges much harsher than what they should have [...]

Understanding Jury Deliberations

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Thousands of arrests are made on a daily basis all across the U.S. and many of these individuals are required to have their case taken before a judge shortly after being detained. In some cases, a jury is also required to be present and this group of people helps the courts to derive at an [...]

Tips to Avoid a DUI This New Year’s Holiday

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New Year’s is a time spent with friends and family, awaiting the arrival of a new year that is expected to be filled with exciting opportunities. While many spend this holiday out celebrating their accomplishments from the past 12 months, there are a few things we want you to keep in mind as you are [...]

Terminating a Parent’s Rights: Can it be Done?

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Let’s say you divided up your time with your kids between you and your ex-spouse during your separation or divorce. You soon realize the living conditions they are being subjected to aren’t in the best interest of your child, which means being around that parent could be harmful to your child in many different ways. [...]

Were You Recently Charged with a Crime You Didn’t Know You Committed?

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Over-criminalization has been an issue in the state of Michigan for some time now as the state continues to create new crimes each and every year. With so many crimes and more being added, some people aren’t even aware when they commit one. A report that was written by the Mackinac Center and the Manhattan [...]

How Can a Criminal Charge Affect my Teen’s Future?

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A part of becoming a teenager is learning right from wrong. Teens often explore to discover who they are and who they want to be. Part of this discovering process sometimes leads to mistakes being made. While a teen might not know what path they want to take when they graduate from high school, they [...]

Why are Couples Turning Toward Divorce?

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As much as we would like to deflect from the fact that divorce is becoming more and more common in society, the truth is, it is a conventional practice for a couple that is looking to get out of the commitment and marriage they agreed to. And if this is the route you are electing [...]