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Woman Orders Hit on Husband

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Couples fight, that’s inevitable. Even the most easy going marriages can take a turn for the worse, leaving one or both spouses requesting a divorce.  However, there are times when one spouse decides to take a different course of action – an illegal one. Twenty-one-year-old Julia Charlene Merfeld decided she wanted to leave her husband [...]

Man Accused of Assaulting Wife

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Domestic violence is a serious and growing problem for married couples and is one of the leading contributors toward the dissolution of a marriage. As a Michigan family lawyer and criminal attorney, I have represented numerous cases involving domestic violence within a home, some of which have threatened the lives of both the spouse and [...]

Hiring a Divorce Attorney Pays

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June 27, 2013, Lansing, MI- Getting a divorce is tough. In addition to the numerous emotional issues leaving a spouse entails, the estranged couple must untangle their finances which can be extremely complex, and wrangle over child custody, also a very complex issue. Despite the innumerable complications of obtaining a divorce; there are many men [...]