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Child Custody and Parental Evaluation

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April, 25, 2013, Lansing, MI- Almost 50 percent of all marriages in the country end in divorce, and while there are many issues a couple going through this must deal with child custody is often the most contentious. Divorcing couples have different custody arrangements they can decide on. Some couples decide that they want to [...]

Social Media Bad for Michigan Marriages?

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April, 16, 2013, Lansing, MI- Not all marriages last, that’s a fact, but that doesn’t keep researchers from trying to unlock the secrets of why marriages fail and what effects it has on both adults and children. While the reasons people find themselves in failing marriages are various and complex, a new study suggests that [...]

Men Increasingly Divorce Drinking Wives

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April, 3, 2013, Lansing, MI-There are a number of reasons that Michigan couples decide to end their marriages, but attorneys in the UK are noticing a dramatic increase in cases where men cite “Sex in the City” drinking as their reason for divorcing their wives. It was once a prevailing stereotype; the wife at home [...]

Michigan Divorce and Religion

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Lansing, MI- The various effects divorce has on children and families have gone under serious scrutiny and among the many things it impacts is the religion of children. A new study from Baylor University shows that children of the divorced parents turn away from the church. The study published earlier this month in the Journal [...]