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Prenuptial Decision Impacts Michigan Divorce

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March, 15, 2013, Lansing, MI- Too many people prenuptial agreements are sensible ways to protect assets  in case a marriage isn’t destined to last. A prenuptial is a sound way to ensure your and your family’s future is secure and offer financial stability. Once a prenuptial is signed it is a contract that is legally [...]

Angry Divorce Lands Michigan Woman in Jail

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March, 8, 2013, Muskegon County, MI- A Michigan woman who was angry with the settlement awarded to her ex-husband in January managed to land herself in jail for thirty days, illustrating how important it is to have the right divorce attorney. Kathy Lee Emery was upset that a divorce court awarded her ex the house [...]

Steven Weber of Wings Divorcing

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Long term marriages can end too. It is possible, just ask Steven Weber from the show Wings. After 17 years of marriage he and his wife have decided to split up. Steven Weber and his wife Juliette Lesley Hohnen have decided to end their marriage. The two had married back in 1995 and have recently [...]